Child Education Planning

Child Education Planning

Child Education Planning:

Expenses for education are on the rise. It is, hence, essential to earmark funds for your child’s/children’s education much before they start formal schooling. Although various investment options like mutual funds, Ulips, PPF, and so on are available in the market, an exclusive, detailed plan needs to be put in place rather than an immediate, ad-hoc plan. Your child’s future needs should be side-lined for other savings or luxury expenses. While a short term, mid-term and long-term plan helps you stay on course, planning for liquid cash for urgency needs to be addressed together with a good investment planner.


 Advantages of Education Plans

  • Support school fees and higher education expenses.
  • A separate fund for education apart from savings/other investment options.
  • Be at peace as you have taken care of your responsibilities.

The role of the financial advisor

As a parent, your deepest desire is to provide the best for your children. How would you invest in your child’s future? Are you considering only education? If yes, what are the plans for short-term and long-term benefits? Do you want to withdraw the amount partially at any point in time? This and many more questions will be answered thoroughly in financial planning sessions with Kapil. He is keenly interested in investing in your happiness.

An investment in knowledge pays the best dividends.